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Rihanna in a little black dress

Prince George made his first visit to London's Natural History Museum with mom Kate Middleton.  It was a big day for the little prince who would become king one day. 

Rihanna's street fashion

Social  Media

Kendall Jenner By Design

Rihanna is rarly  known for being tame when it comes to fashion.  Rihanna's Instagram  account was suspended back in May because of her frequent racy shots, which got caught by a spam filter.  The head of Instagram had to put out a statement for the misunderstanding, "this account was mistakenly caught in one of our automated systems and very briefly disabled," the company said in a statement. "We apologize for any inconvenience." However, Rihanna chose to bid farewell to the social media app after the incident, and her account remained inactive for about six months. Then on Saturday, she posted a new selfie to announce she's back.

Whatever the reason for Rihanna's return, we're ready for the queen of sexy selfies to reclaim her throne. Lots of stars get racy on Instagram, but Rihanna took the skin-baring snap to a whole other level. Over the years, she'd been posting bikini selfies and sharing revealing vacation pictures, and her feed just kept getting hotter. Let's take a look back at her raciest Instagrams as we prepare for what's to come, and then find even more stars you should follow!

Celebrity style guide

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Kate middleton and prince George spent the day at the museum

I'll be honest with you, The Skinny Girl blog name was inspired by Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl Cocktail Drinks, which now has a multitude of other products being sold by the Skinny Girl Brand.

Rihanna's street fashion

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins or better known by her first name, Adele is absolutely my favorite artist of all times.  And I am in my 30's.  She is beautiful on the inside as well as her outside. 

My Love Affair with Adele


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Rihanna's   Style  revolution

Kendall Jenner is hitting the town in a vegan leather leggings and as you see, she has chosen several looks using the same pair of pans.  Of course you don't necessarily have to buy a pleather pans of course but being able to buy a black legging that allows you to dress up or down when ever you feel like it. 

When I normally advise people what to buy for their wardrobe, I normally tell people to buy sustainable clothing that will take them through all four seasons.   Clothing you can dress up or down and still be comfortable for hours on end.  As you can see, Kendall.